A vote was recently taken to override Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon’s (D) veto on right-to-work legislation. The proposal was to ban compulsory union membership and involuntary donations to labor unions as a condition of employment throughout Missouri.

Not Backing Down

Sponsors of the right-to-work legislation aren’t backing down anytime soon. Rep. Eric Burleson, a proponent, said that the efforts being made are coming closer and closer to meeting the mark. This is the fourth year the bill has been presented, and the progression each year has played out as follows:

  • Year One: First time a bill of this nature ever presented in Missouri, and it didn’t capture much attention
  • Year Two: Speaker would not grant a hearing
  • Year Three: Speaker did grant a hearing, but bill failed
  • Year Four: Bill debated on House floor, but it never made it to Senate

It’s clear to see those in favor of Missouri being a right-to-work state are persistent, and, given the gradual progression over the past four years, they could succeed in the future.

Worker Benefits

Those pushing for this legislation do so because of the numerous benefits for workers. Not only are they granted more freedom, but they also are able to choose whether or not to join unions and pay the associated fees. Furthermore, when compared to surrounding states, Missouri’s economic growth is stifled, and economics professor Richard Vedder at Ohio University predicts the potential passing of right-to-work would improve the numbers.


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