Mid Missouri Trucking Accidents Lawyer

Legal Help from an Experienced Attorney if You’ve Been Injured in a Truck Accident in Mid Missouri

Personal injury attorney John Lake, of the Lake Law Firm, LLC, helps people obtain financial recovery after they have suffered injuries in motor vehicle crashes and trucking accidents.

While car and truck accident cases are similar in many ways and require the same thorough investigation, trucking accidents are different in a couple of ways:

  • Injuries from trucking accidents are usually more severe. No matter how large the car, when it is struck by an 18-wheeler, a semi truck, or a tractor-trailer that weighs a half ton or more, injuries to the auto passengers will be great. It will be important to get good information on the full extent of medical and rehabilitation needs so that a trucking accident victim gets maximum financial recovery.
  • The trucking industry is heavily regulated by the government. There are regulations for maintenance schedules, weights and loading, driver training, driving schedules, and many other aspects of operating a commercial truck. It is important to work with a personal injury lawyer who understands state and federal trucking laws.

At the Lake Law Firm, we work hard to ensure our clients achieve the best financial outcome possible for their personal injury claim. We understand the difficulties you are facing and we handle every aspect of your case, so you can focus on your physical recovery.

We will conduct a thorough evaluation into the causes of your accident, looking into maintenance records, driving logs to see if the driver was fatigued, hauling records to see if the truck was overweight. We have access to accident specialists who can evaluate whether the commercial truck had an unbalanced load or whether a defective part contributed to the accident.

We leave no stone unturned in determining the cause of the accident and identifying all responsible parties, which can include the company that hired the driver or trucking company.

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