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  • $4 Million - Injuries to pedestrian

  • $2.5 Million - Drunk driver

  • $1.2 Million - Tractor trailer crash

  • $850,000 - Failure to monitor

  • $3.1 Million - Brain injuries from birth

  • $1.7 Million - Brain injuries from anesthesia

  • $1.2 Million - Improper railings

  • $300,000 - Unsafe scaffold

  • $400,000 Present value - Back injury

  • $250,000 lump sum - partial paralysis

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Missouri Product Liability Lawyer

When you use a particular product, you assume that the manufacturer has engineered it to perform a particular task safely and effectively. You also assume that the actual construction of the product was done carefully so that it will perform as it was meant to. Some products, though, are unreasonably defective, either in their engineering or their manufacture, and cause serious injury even when being used correctly for the purpose for which they were made.

Defective vehicles, including SUVs that roll over unreasonably easily, are a large piece of the product liability puzzle. Not only are vehicles sometimes engineered poorly, we have all heard of situations where a vehicle was put together incorrectly. Defective automobiles can cause serious injuries to the operator, the passengers, and people outside the automobile who are affected by its behavior.

ATVs, or all terrain vehicles, are the same. Some ATV designs have just been found to be unreasonably unsafe, while other ATVs were not manufactured with sufficient care. Either way, the injuries can be catastrophic.

Another category of product liability cases include defective drugs and medical devices. Whether the drug or device in question was not sufficiently tested or the problem lies in later manufacture, you are dealing with a product that you trusted to prevent or cure a particular problem which instead leads to other, possibly greater, problems.

At Lake Law Firm LLC, we have handled many product liability cases throughout Missouri. We have helped those who were injured recover money damages for their injuries. And we have also been able to prevent others from being injured by the same product by pointing out the defects in the product.

If you have suffered an injury from a defective product or drug, contact us to help you recover money damages for your injury. We have helped hundreds of Missourians recover money damages, and we can help you too.

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