Missouri Premises Liability Attorney

Premises liability cases are sometimes wrongly thought of as “slip and fall” cases. While they certainly can encompass a slip and fall situation, there are so many other possible accidents and injuries that are caused by premises liability.

Any time a building is unsafe, particularly when the owner or landlord has been informed of its lack of safeness and has chosen to do nothing about it, liability is a real concern. And sometimes innocent people are hurt on those premises – a poorly maintained railing gives way, an apartment building in a high crime area fails to provide adequate security, or a spill on the floor at a grocery store is not mopped up in a timely manner.

Due to the expansive nature of premises liability cases, injuries can range from broken bones to head injuries, from injuries related to an assault to infliction of fear by not providing a safe place to live, and even including death. Your attorney in a premises liability case needs to be able to work with homeowner’s or business insurance companies as well as the landlord or owner of the premises in order to recover maximum damages for your claim. And he or she must be ready to take your case to trial in case it does not settle.

At Lake Law Firm, LLC, we are able to provide you with those services. We have developed an expertise in premises liability cases over the years which permits us to know how to evaluate a case and how to negotiate a settlement. We also prepare every case for trial – just knowing that we can take your case to trial in a week gives us the confidence to negotiate particularly generous settlements for you. And finally, if your case does go to trial, you know that we have the trial experience that your case deserves.

If you have been injured by unsafe conditions at a building in Missouri, you may have a premises liability case. Contact us to set up an initial consultation. See what our experience and skill can do for you!


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