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  • $4 Million - Injuries to pedestrian

  • $2.5 Million - Drunk driver

  • $1.2 Million - Tractor trailer crash

  • $850,000 - Failure to monitor

  • $3.1 Million - Brain injuries from birth

  • $1.7 Million - Brain injuries from anesthesia

  • $1.2 Million - Improper railings

  • $300,000 - Unsafe scaffold

  • $400,000 Present value - Back injury

  • $250,000 lump sum - partial paralysis

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Injuries to Children

We all tend to remember our childhoods as carefree, fun years. But for many children, childhood is full of dangers. From the defective engineering of a toy or piece of playground equipment, to dog bites, to injuries received by child seat failure in a car crash, to athletic injuries, to failure to supervise on a playground and plain old falls, it sometimes seems miraculous that children ever make it to adulthood.

If your child has been seriously injured, you are probably feeling pretty devastated. You are understandably angry at whatever or whoever caused the injury, and are upset that you weren't able to prevent your child from being injured. You want to be able to provide the best care for your child so that he or she receives any necessary treatments and is able to recover as fully as possible from the injury.

From the Lake Law Firm LLC office in Jefferson City, Missouri, we have handled many cases involving injuries to children. First, we understand how you and your child may be feeling. We want to find out how this accident has affected your child, and how that, in turn, affects you. Second, we have the experience in dealing with these types of injuries to know what any possible long-term effects of the injury may be, and we also know what experts can help us prove these long-term effects. Third, we will do what we can to get the compensation your child deserves while sparing him or her from the ordeal of testifying at a trial, something that is frightening for many children. But if we cannot settle the case for a satisfactory amount, we will also do anything we can to make the trial less scary for your child.

We are committed to working through the process of bringing a civil suit for injuries with you and your child. Contact us today to see how we can help your child recover money damages for his or her injuries.

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