Construction Accidents Attorney in Missouri

Construction can be a very dangerous field to work in. At the very least, you deal daily with heavy machinery and large loads of building materials. Working outdoors can mean variable weather conditions, which can also lead to disaster. And in many construction accidents, improperly maintained equipment or human error just adds to the dilemma.

Not all construction accidents are subject to the limitations of workers’ compensation. If an employee of a subcontractor is injured, and the injury was caused by something under the control of the general contractor, the general contractor may be liable for the injury. And since the worker was employed by the sub rather than the general contractor, the injury may well be out of the scope of workers’ compensation and you may be able to recover full damages.

At Lake Law Firm, LLC, we have a great deal of experience in dealing with all sorts of construction site accidents, from cranes falling over to part of the structure being built collapsing. We investigate our cases, picking out the weak areas of our case so that we can begin building a defense that explains those weak areas. We will prepare your case to go to trial, but we will first work towards settling the case. This insures that every effort is made towards settlement while still remaining trial ready. And we have presented many of cases to juries – we know how to make the jury feel as though they are in your shoes so that they truly understand your case.

If you have suffered injuries from a construction site accident in Missouri, contact us to set up a free initial consultation. It never costs you a thing to see if we can help you, and we will charge no fee unless we recover money damages for you.


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