Most would agree that it’s a smart idea to use your seat belt. However, there are all too many who don’t wear theirs. Buchanan County Commissioners took matters into their own hands by increasing the consequences for this common yet irresponsible choice, and the county is going above and beyond the state

Below National Averages

One of the facts that led to this decision is that seat belt use in Missouri is behind the national average by six percent. The statistics are even more alarming for teen drivers with only around 67 percent consistently buckling up. The new law, which takes effect on November 1, is intended to improve these numbers as well as encourage drivers between the ages of 16 and 24 to use their seat belts.

Some Opposition

The vote wasn’t unanimous. While Presiding Commissioner Harry Roberts believes it’s important to always wear a seat belt, he argued that this type of decision is legislative. He was the only one who voted against the new ordinance.

Saving Money, Saving Lives

Whether or not citizens agree with the new law, the fact remains that those in Buchanan County can expect to receive a $10 ticket for not complying. It only takes a few seconds to buckle up, and taking that minimal amount of time has proven to reduce the many risks associated with operating a vehicle. Not only will you decrease your chances of getting a ticket, but you could also be saving your life.

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